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Since 1992

About Jayalakshmi Match Industries

Jayalakshmi Match Industries is a well-established manufacturer of Safety Matches in India since 2000. We have been growing steadily & occupying a remarkable position in the domestic and overseas markets all because of our reliable quality to our valuable buyers at reasonable prices. Since its inception, Jayalakshmi Match Industries has been committed to its aim of manufacturing high quality matches and offering them at competitive price, ensuring value for money

Our enterprising gentleman and the company has never looked back since then. We are synonymous with Superior Quality, Safe and Consumer Friendly Goods. Having a wide distribution network, we are holding our dominant brandings in the states of Tamil Nadu and Rest of India.

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Jayalakshmi Match Industries works is a reputed producer of Cardboard Matches, Wooden Matches and Wax Matches, etc. and the manufactured products are trading through our sister concern Jayalakshmi Match Industries who has proud past and promising future. As a Socially, Environmentally and Economically responsible company we adhere to stringent Universal standards. We enjoy a pedigree of standing over the past 28 years. We take pride is saying that we are one of the best Manufacture of Safety Matches for more than 28 years, based at Kovilpatti. We are source of manufacturing and supplying truckload quantities of Match sticks. Every day, our products meet the demands of an ever-increasingly budget aware public.

We have always focused exclusively on providing the highest quality value-brand Match products at reasonable prices. Attention to detail and quality is something every consumer deserves. Our competitively priced match products lead to long-standing relationships you can count on. We also offer products and services tailored to the needs of individual retailers.

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Our Infrastructure

An innovative infrastructural framework is one of our greatest assets. It helps in facilitating the manufacturing process smoothly. The industry is mainly depended on labour work as it involves lot of hand work along with application of tools and machinery. Jayalakshmi Match Industries manufacturing unit is equipped with a wide range of advanced hi-tech machineries like Offset Print, Size Screen Print, Screen Print, Dozen Packing Machine, Dipping Machine, Tube Pushing, etc.

Our Team

We Jayalakshmi Match Industries have received firm positioning in the market with regard to our sincere teamwork that is carefully engaged in delivering the wide range of product line. Since the industry basically involves both manual & machine, so we have an experienced work force comprising of skilled & semi-skilled labours. We ensure that the machinery is operated by technicians & experts that are competent to deliver maximum quality production.

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